Simplify IT

Zizero is an information technology consultancy firm helping organizations innovate, build and optimize.


We help customers with our broad and deep experience in IT architecture, application integration, and mainframe technologies. Zizero is practical and is focused on delivering results. We believe IT can be made simpler and we help clients to achieve this with a sound technical strategy and working solutions.

Architecture roadmap & control

Technology roadmap

Business case second opinion

Acceleration workshop

Project management

Solution architecture

Application and Cloud integration

(Virtual) architect to augment team

DevOps automation

Software archaeology 

Coaching and mentoring

Skills Bootcamps

IT Architecture.

Can your technical platform keep up with your business innovation plans? We can help you with our experience in developing an architecture plan for your organization and embed technical steering in your organization.

A well formulated solution architecture is an indispensable base for successful software solutions. Our experts work with your team to develop the architectures needed for your business transformation and lead the engineering team during the realization of the solution.

Solution acceleration.

We help you accelerate the realization of your business needs through our proven solution architecture development and validation workshops. Our  experienced advisors collaborate with your team in an intensive interactive workshop to build a solution the fits best in your organization’s context. 


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