Our bootsprapping courses.

Mainframe and z/OS knowledge bootstrapping

Our unique training teach you what you need to know. We focus on core knowledge. Not more, not less.

We have a course for three types of audiences:

  • For decision makers we have an intense 2 hour program. Besides key mainframe server and z/OS technology aspects, we will highlight commercial and organizational aspects.
  • For enterprise and solution architects we have a 4 to 8 hour program. You will learn about the key technologies and how to integrate these in your IT landscape.
  • For specialists and platform architects we have a 2 day program. This intensive program will cover mainframe and z/OS technologies in more detail, we will discuss integration and other technical architecture aspects necessary to get a head-start with z/OS environments

IT Architecture bootstrapping course

Our IT Architecture bootstrapping course teaches starting IT specialists and Architecture the most important aspects of architecting IT solutions.

Our intensive training covers in a condensed manner the entire solution architecture lifecycle, and covers the business and IT context of the IT Architecture practice.