What we do.

Solution architecture and realisation

Zizero can help you design and build your IT solution.

We define a best practice approach for solution architecture and realisation, adopting your organization’s own project and architecture methods where preferred. Typically we lead the technical team during the architecture and realization of the solution, bringing together business, application and infrastructure architects and specialists.

Innovation with legacy; software archaeology

We help you overcome limitations in existing applications.

Existing systems are often a inhibitors for innovations in your organisation. We have experience overcoming these barriers by designing an appropriate approach for your legacy applications, starting with creating a complete inventory of applications if that does not exist yet, up to a plan retiring, renovating or tolerating existing solutions.

Architecture review

Not sure about the solution architecture? Doubts about cost, feasibility, technology, skills?

We can review the solution architecture and provide advice on key aspects.

Roadmap definition and realisation

Starting with your business priorities Seneqa helps you develop, prioritise and realize an IT roadmap.

To assure long term vitality of your IT plans, we can help you with our experience in setting up a control point in your IT organisation.

Business Case second opinion

Before making significant investments in new software solutions to support your business strategy, a second opinion can be a valuable mechanism to validate your business case and gain more confidence in the feasibility of the proposed change.

Our approach to approach a business case validation is to examen various areas such as: forecasts, investments, costs and benefits, scenarios and alternatives, organisation, staff, technical and others risks.

We analyse the main risks, control mechanisms and mitigation options and document these in an advisory report.

DevOps automation

An automated CI/CD pipeline is a base for quick delivery of software solutions while assuring quality of the delivered solutions. Our experience can help you realize such a pipeline, especially where this involves legacy systems for which the CI/CD pipeline needs modernization to provide the required delivery speed that is needed nowadays.

Application portfolio management

Aligning your software solution with your business processes and your strategy is very important, and probably even more important nowadays when we see companies more and more rely on software based solutions. We can help you organize your application portfolio to provide your organisation the flexibility to change with market demands while keeping costs under control. 

Our Niches: integration and mainframe

Zizero is founded on a few niches, in which we have an extensive years long experience.

  • Integration. Green-field application developments are very rare opportunities. Instead, application integration that leverages and enhances existing backend systems is a key success factor for most development projects. Furthermore organisations are increasingly using hosted or Cloud solutions in their IT landscape. We have helped clients with the integration of cloud solutions and their internally managed applications.
  • Mainframe. Many organizations are – still, if you like, relying on the mainframe as there core industrial-strength transaction and data server. Our experience in planning, upgrading, extending and integrating such factory-type application infrastructures has helped many organizations build a future-proof foundation for their business.

Our workshops.

Architecture development workshop

The Architecture Development Workshop aims to accelerate development and improvement of your solution architecture. 

During the workshop we work closely with your team to identify the important business goals. We will develop and fine-tune alternative solution architectures, and evaluate these on the basis expected costs, benefits, and risk.

At the end of the workshop, the solution architecture options is documented with their business and technical trade-offs, as to facilitate informed business and implementation decisions.

Our Architecture development method and experience helps your build workable and economic software solutions.

Architecture evaluation

The Architecture Evaluation Workshop aims to validate your IT architecture from the technical perspective as well as from a feasibility perspective.

During the workshop we will dive into the content of your architecture outline. Our experts work closely with your team to critically examine the proposed solutions. We will have a look at the business goals and the proposed timelines, and validate the feasibility of the proposed realization plans. Alternatives are identified and evaluated against timeliness, costs, benefits and risk.

At the end of the workshop your architecture will be amended and further recommendations for future improvements will be included.

Our Architecture evaluation method and experience helps you to assure the architecture aligns with the business goals and the software solutions can be build on time.

Our courses.

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